Roughback stone end wall with glass plug accents   
 Site Plan showing Existing Trees   
 View from street, rammed earth studio at left, roughback stone clad living room at right   
 North Courtyard 1 with dining room beyond and glass cube breakfast room   
 Overall view at back entry/driveway area   
 South courtyard - dining pavilion at left, stack stone wall at driveway and studio beyond   
 Water feature/rammed earth wall in Courtyard 1 at night   
 View of front patio, glass brick column and main elements of front facade   
 Master Bedroom and outdoor porch at back end of gable   
 Covered porch at master bedroom   
 Rammed earth studio, driveway at left and approach to main entry at the right   
 Grand hallway at night from south courtyard   
 North courtyard 2 and conversation pit   
 Detached garage and carport   
 Breakfast Room glass cube and water feature at night   
 View of front façade at night   
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